Evan absolutely saved the day for us. We had been fortunate to live in the same Toronto condo for 4 years before our landlord decided to sell their investment.

We were forced into an extremely competitive Toronto spring rental market, and were having troubles finding any promising properties. It seemed like everything we found was far more expensive, with less space than where we were currently living. We knew rental prices had gone up a lot, but places were closing before we could even submit an offer.

A good friend recommended Evan, and he immediately introduced us to far more options than we had been able to find previously. After our first visit we fell in love with a place that was very popular and had received a few offers.
Evan managed to help us secure the rental of our dreams with 7 competing offers on the table, without breaking our budget. I’m confident that we would have missed this opportunity had it not been for his help.

We would recommend Evan and the Christensen team, and hope to work together again!