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Over more than 30 years, we have helped 2,000+ families reach their real estate goals–that’s a lot of listing, marketing, and negotiating. That experience has provided our team with the expertise and industry insight that’s needed when it comes to selling your home quickly and successfully.

“Our fear had been that it would be a long listing because of the market conditions at that time, but somehow you were able to bring us three offers ahead of our offer acceptance date. Your professional approach, honesty and understanding made all the difference to us on closing the deal.”


So what sets The Christensen Real Estate Group apart?

It’s not just our years of experience working in the community, but the steps we take to ensure that your home sells with as little hassle as possible.

Here’s how we do it:

We Really Get to Know You

We believe that the first step to selling your home should be to get to know you and your property. Our team of local specialists designs a customized marketing process to sell your home that’s based on your unique needs and goals. No two homes, sellers, or processes are exactly the same; we take the time to get to know you so that we can provide the best results possible.

We Do Our Research

To determine the best selling price, we’ll prepare a Comparative Market Analysis on your home. We’ll price your property correctly by comparing it with homes that are of similar condition, size, age, and location.

We Prepare Your Property

When you’re selling your home with us, you get much more than just a real estate team. Before you list, we can connect you with our network of trusted professionals, such as home inspectors, cleaners, stagers, and lawyers that will help prepare you and your home for the selling process.

We Market Internationally

Our customized marketing strategy and global network gives your property international exposure. With our Harvey Kalles alliance, your home is advertised globally in more than 90 countries. Online and in print, our marketing team ensures your listing is seen by the right people at the right time, gaining maximum exposure.

We Negotiate with Expertise

Our team includes Certified Negotiation Experts and has experience successfully selling homes in all types of markets. Our insight into the local industry, knowledge of the neighbourhood real estate, and strong negotiation skills have given us a proven strategy that gets our clients a high selling price.

We Close Successfully

We’ll monitor your transaction right through to closing day to ensure that all of the conditions and contingencies are met and the deal is completed successfully. If you ever have any questions about selling your home – even after you’re settled into your new home–we’re always here to help.

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