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Grab a pick-me-up from one of the nearby coffee shops, make your way down Dundas Street West, and get to know this charming neighbourhood. Galleries and restaurant patios line the main strip, with quaint side streets home to the inviting residential Dundas West real estate.

But that’s not all – it gets better:

The Dundas West area is a mix of old and new, with a diverse population of residents and shops.

Your Next Home

Dundas West real estate consists of freehold homes, condominiums, and apartments. Many of the detached and semi-detached homes have been converted into duplexes and rental units.

Your New Neighbours

The Dundas West real estate attracts young couples and singles for its proximity to trendy bars and brunch spots, while families and seniors can appreciate the relaxed feel of the side streets and community atmosphere.

Your Local Favourites

This neighbourhood has plenty of great restaurants, lots of little coffee shops and patios, as well as unique stores to visit. A couple of our go-to stops in the area are The Fitting Room Barbershop and the delicious cuisine at Branca Restaurant.