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It’s no surprise that a good school district can make or break a family’s decision to purchase a particular home. For that reason, in our latest blog post, we wanted to share our neighbourhood expertise with a comprehensive list of the best schools in Etobicoke.

After all, every parent wants their child to receive the best education possible. However, determining the calibre of a school can be complicated. From class size to extracurricular activities, there’s no shortage of factors for parents to consider.

Fortunately for families in Etobicoke, there are many high-quality elementary schools to choose from. Knowing more about these institutions can help homebuyers with children make a more informed decision.

Here are five of the best public schools in Etobicoke…

1) John D Parker Junior School

Located in Smithfield, John D Parker has a strong academic focus. This primary school boasts high EQAO scores in reading, writing, and math.

The EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) carries out standardized testing across Ontario. At John D Parker, high literacy scores are particularly impressive because 63 per cent of the student population speaks English as a second language. In addition to its academic performance, this north Etobicoke school offers exceptional extracurricular activities, including an outstanding music program.

Budget-conscious homebuyers looking for a great elementary school may want to consider some of the relatively-affordable homes near John D Parker.

2) Rosethorn Junior School

Rosethorn is a top-notch French Immersion institution. Like the children at John D Parker, students at Rosethorn do incredibly well on the EQAO. This Islington Village school is truly student-focused, offering small class sizes that allow every child to receive the attention they need to thrive. Enriching before and after school programs also make this one of the best Etobicoke public schools for busy families.

Another incredible perk of Rosethorn is its location. Islington Village is a picturesque, community-oriented neighbourhood—perfect for young families.

3) Braeburn Junior School

Situated in north Etobicoke, Braeburn is part of Model Schools for Inner Cities. This Toronto District School Board program aims to ensure that students across the city have equal access to learning opportunities and social supports. At Braeburn, this goal is achieved through the collaborative efforts of students, families, communities, and governments. If the academic performances of the school’s students are any indication, this approach can have major positive benefits.

One of Braeburn’s biggest strengths is its commitment to integrating technology into the learning process. From interactive whiteboards to iPads, this school provides students with access to the digital tools they need to develop critical skills for the future.

4) Sunnylea Junior School

If you’re searching for one of the best schools in Etobicoke, look no further than Sunnylea School. This small educational institution offers a holistic approach to learning, one that takes the academic, physical, and social development of children into account. The school’s teachers are also actively involved in student goal setting, and their efforts are reflected in an impressive set of EQAO scores.

Sunnylea School also encourages parental and community involvement. Accordingly, the school holds an annual fair known as Family Fun Day. The surrounding neighbourhood (Sunnylea) has the charm of a small town, making it an all-around great place for families to settle down.

5) Wedgewood Junior School

Wedgewood School offers outstanding academic opportunities in a diverse community. Combined, the parents of Wedgewood students speak 32 different languages at home. In addition, one-third of the student population speaks English as a second language. Students score high on EQAO assessments at this Eatonville school, which offers an impressive roster of intramural sports and extracurricular clubs.

Across Etobicoke, there’s an abundance of first-rate public schools and highly-attractive real estate. Are you ready to find your perfect home in a neighbourhood that will work for your family?


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