Why Your Selling Agent Should Have Luxury Expertise
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Why Your Selling Agent Should Have Luxury Expertise

03.30.2021 | Selling

Successfully selling a home is never easy. That said, when your property is destined for the luxury market, you need not just a talented real estate agent but one who has a specialized skill set. From pricing to marketing and beyond, the selling process should be tailored to attract the right high-end buyer. A professional who’s capable of doing that can help ensure a quicker (and more profitable) sale.

Here are a few reasons you should work with an agent who has luxury expertise…

Concierge service

No matter the home you’re selling, you’ll likely need to work with various service providers to secure the best possible outcome. From the cleaners and stagers who make your property stand out to the lawyer who ensures that due diligence is done, you need people you can trust in your corner.

Fortunately, an agent who understands the needs of luxury sellers can connect you to the right people at every step. They’ll have trusted professionals in their network who offer extremely reliable service—and the quality of results that high-end buyers expect.

Strategic pricing

Pricing a home is an art—and doing it wrong can have consequences. Choose a number that’s too high, and you may not receive any offers. Select one that’s too low, and you won’t get the price you deserve. By looking at closely comparable homes and understanding market trends, an experienced agent can help you find the right balance.

Of course, when you’re settling on a sum for your luxury property, there are some unique considerations to keep in mind. At higher price points, there may not be many similar homes in your immediate neighbourhood. Fortunately, if your agent has the right expertise, they can find an effective solution for overcoming this obstacle—while appealing to luxury buyer psychology.

Polished preparations

While a skilled local agent can connect you to the right service providers, their role in preparing your luxury home goes far beyond that. They’ll take the helm when it comes to getting your property in show-ready shape.

Put simply, your agent should have a vision for your sale—which includes who your ideal high-end buyer is, and which professionals can best prepare your home to attract them. They should also have the skills to orchestrate the many moving parts involved (and be willing to lend a hand whenever they can).

High-end marketing

Last but not least, a real estate agent with luxury expertise is well positioned to present your home in the best possible light. Affluent individuals tend to have high expectations—and the money to make them a reality. They see their purchase not just as buying a living space, but an ultra-luxe (and comfortable) lifestyle.

From refined online advertising to magazine-quality print materials, it’s all about creating an aesthetic. The right agent will work with a photographer who has luxury experience. Just as importantly, they’ll have the expertise to put together a comprehensive high-end marketing strategy! Are you ready to start selling your luxury home?

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