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What Are West Toronto’s Best Neighbourhoods For Investors?

09.28.2023 | Investing

As a modern metropolitan city, Toronto has consistently been a magnet for professionals, students, and newcomers due to its robust job market, world-renowned universities, and diverse cultural offerings. Consequently, the city experiences a continual influx of residents seeking rental housing year after year.

This demand has been exacerbated by shifting economic factors, which have priced many potential homebuyers out of the market – leading to an even greater reliance on rental housing across the city. These conditions, combined with long-term growth projections for Toronto as a whole provide real estate investors with a myriad of opportunities. 

Zooming in on one of the city’s most sought-after regions for renters, West Toronto is replete with opportunities for real estate investors. One of West Toronto’s primary draws for renters is its distinctive neighbourhoods, which offer a high degree of livability, top-tier cultural amenities, and easy access to the city centre. 

In this blog post, we’ll showcase a selection of West Toronto neighbourhoods well-suited to real estate investors seeking a high-ROI property.

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The Junction

The Junction has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Formerly an industrial enclave, it has evolved into a flourishing first-choice residential community. The Junction’s distinctive energy, emphasis on arts on culture, local business district, and overall accessibility have allowed the neighbourhood to become one of West Toronto’s fastest-growing communities. For investors, this demand presents a lucrative opportunity.

In addition to the elevated need for rental housing in the area, real estate in The Junction has seen unprecedented appreciation in recent years. This growth promises a dependable return on investment in the long term, paired with the recurring income earned from rental tenants in the short term. 

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Dundas West

Once considered to be a hidden gem, Dundas West has swiftly joined the ranks as one of West Toronto’s most sought-after residential communities. 

As a neighbourhood, Dundas West is known for its boutique shops, eateries, and bars catering to the diverse tastes of its residents. For investors, this translates into a continuous stream of potential tenants who value the neighbourhood’s unique ambiance, proximity to downtown Toronto, easy access to public transportation, and more. 

Queen West

One of Toronto’s trendiest enclaves, Queen West is defined by its artistic vibrancy, popular shopping outlets, and thriving nightlife. While primarily known for its cultural offerings, Queen West also boasts a strong, actively growing residential community. 

Given the neighbourhood profile, young professionals, artists, and students from nearby universities consistently gravitate toward Queen West – often relying on rental housing. For investors, this demand presents plenty of opportunity.

In addition to the demand for long-term rental housing, Queen West’s status as a preferred destination for tourists and out-of-town visitors offers unique opportunities for short-term rental investments, i.e Airbnb and other platforms. 

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Guiding Your Investment

While replete with opportunity, West Toronto real estate is notoriously cutthroat. If you’re looking to make a strategic, high-return investment you’ll need an expert in your corner. 

Boasting over four decades of experience in West Toronto, Christensen Real Estate Group is your best resource for sourcing and securing a profitable income property. We know our local market better than anyone and have the insights and intuition to help you discover the perfect neighbourhood to invest in. 

Beyond the parameters of a traditional real estate transaction, we strive to be your long-term advisors on all things real estate. Not only will we help you identify lucrative, high-quality opportunities but we’ll ensure you’re set up for success today and tomorrow. As investors and landlords ourselves, we can provide you with critical advice on tenant sourcing and communication, relevant regulations, and more to help you get off on the right foot.

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