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What Is a Full-Service Listing Agent

03.08.2021 | Selling

If you’re looking for the right listing agent, you’ve probably come across the term “full service.” While it certainly sounds good, many home sellers are unsure what it means—and what it could mean for their sale. The truth is, knowing your options (and the level of service that’s right for you) can help you make a more informed decision about who you hire.

If you’re looking for a listing agent, here’s what you should know about going the full-service route…

Full-service vs. discount brokerage

Full-service brokerages stand in stark contrast to discount options. The former go above and beyond to tend to you at every step, ensuring the best possible outcome and a smooth selling experience. In comparison, the latter provides relatively limited services in exchange for discounted fees or commission.

As just one example, a seller who uses a full-service agent can expect their home to be marketed far and wide—both in print and online. If they work with a discount brokerage, their representative may not do much more than list their property on the MLS (a step that full-service agents will also take).

What full service means for sellers

When you’re deciding whether to go the full-service route, you should know what it entails. If you buy a home with an agent who uses this approach, here are a few of the types of support you can expect:

Thorough home preparations

An experienced full-service agent will take the necessary steps to make your home shine. It starts with careful preparations—from cleaning and decluttering to minor repairs and expert staging.

Ensuring that your home stands out takes a lot of work. Fortunately, a full-service professional will typically have either the skills to prepare your home for the market, or the local connections to find someone who does.

Professional photography

Once your property is show-ready, it’s time to ensure it makes a great first impression. That means optimizing your listing and offering up the right initial information to potential buyers online.

Full-service agents should provide professional photography designed to draw buyers in. When it comes to real estate, a picture really is worth a thousand words—and it could mean the difference between having a buyer bypass your property and having them set up a showing.

Extensive marketing

When it comes to full-service real estate marketing, agents go far beyond the basics. That means finding the right mix of print and digital materials to appeal to the largest possible buyer pool.

If you aren’t working with a discount brokerage, your agent should take the time to identify your target market—and build a comprehensive plan to attract them.

Advanced negotiation skills

Generally speaking, a professional who goes above and beyond to provide support will be a strong advocate for you.

It’s not just that they’ll know the local market (and have the negotiation skills to leverage it in negotiations). They’ll also be committed to knowing your property, how it stacks up against truly comparable homes, and what it all means at the bargaining table.

Making the right choice

If you’re looking for a discount, there are brokerages out there that can provide it. Just be aware that you’ll likely get bare-bones service. If you’re hoping for thorough preparations, marketing, and a personalized approach to help you make informed decisions at every step, a full-service listing agent is almost certainly the right fit.

Not sure what type of brokerage is right for you? Consider interviewing a few different agents—and asking questions about their fees and what they include. Through this process, you’ll get a better sense of the level of service that will meet your needs.

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