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How to Buy a Privately Listed Home

05.08.2023 | Buying

In today’s real estate landscape, it’s not uncommon for potential buyers to browse through available listings before committing to an in-depth home search. With the majority of home listings digitally available at buyers’ fingertips, getting a sense of your options is relatively straightforward. 

While convenient, this process doesn’t necessarily provide buyers with a complete picture of what properties are available. Many buyers don’t realize that they can access exclusive private, off-market, or coming-soon listings in addition to what’s on MLS. 

Along with other distinct benefits, accessing privately listed homes allows buyers to amplify their selection of available inventory. Here’s how. 

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Uncovering Every Option

While the majority of sellers in Toronto elect to list their property publicly, there are certain instances in which they may choose to test the waters with limited exposure. In these instances, they’ll work with an agent who can get the word out selectively to only a small range of potential buyers in their immediate network. These are generally known as private or off-market listings. 

For buyers, expanding your home search beyond the realm of MLS to include private listings can be the differentiator in finding a property that checks all the boxes. However, accessing high-quality private listings isn’t as easy as navigating to a new webpage. Instead, it requires exclusive connections within the local market that you can leverage to your advantage. 

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Exclusive Connections

Unlike homes on MLS, privately listed properties aren’t unified on a particular database. Rather, sourcing an off-market home requires working with an established, well-connected real estate agent. 

As they keep their finger on the pulse of the market, high-calibre agents are often privy to unique insider information. As a result, they may hear about various opportunities or private listings through their network – this could be from other agents, local investors, developers or other industry players. When a buyer is looking for something beyond what’s available on MLS, an agent can turn to these connections to find off-market listings. 

In addition to accessing private listings through their industry network, an agent may even utilize out-of-the-box solutions such as cold calling to find opportunities within a buyer’s parameters. 

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Selecting a Top-Tier Professional

As a buyer, the most optimal pathway to homeownership already requires enlisting the help of an industry expert. However, buyers who are particularly selective, or are looking to maximize their options should intentionaly hire an experienced buying agent with a dominant market presence. 

With more than four decades of experience in Toronto’s dynamic real estate landscape, Christensen Group’s empowered market position provides buyers with an elevated buying process. Our vast industry network, in tandem with our intuitive approach to sourcing properties, ensures our clients find homes that actually match their criteria. 

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Crafting the Perfect Offer

As a unique type of translation, placing an offer on an off-market home is remarkably nuanced. As buyers are facing less direct competition from others in the market, crafting a strategic offer requires specialized insight.  

At Christensen Group, we impart our deep knowledge of Toronto real estate to help you land a great property at the best possible price, terms, and conditions. When approaching a private or off-market listing, we’ll first complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to evaluate its probable value. After that, we get to work assembling a compelling offer that’s well-suited to your budget and needs. Once reaching the negotiation stage, we advocate tirelessly on your behalf – ensuring a great result. 

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